documentation mod 'ICBM Classic: Computer Craft Addon'


5 Février 2023
es-ce possible de faire une documentation pour le mod 'ICBM Classic: Computer Craft Addon' pour chatGPT :)
un peu comme ce style la mais en plus complet avec les arguments, etc... :

Common Machine​

  • getEnergyData -> provides energy & maxEnergy as a single command
  • getEnergy -> current energy storage, uses ForgeEnergy
  • getEnergyLimit -> max energy storage limit
  • getMachineInfo -> provides a table of information, settings, and facts about the machine. Useful for getting config driven settings that may change between saves/servers

Command Launcher​

  • getMissiles -> provides a list of missiles
  • launch(targetData, simulate) -> fires the launcher, targetData is a table containing xyz delay. Simulate is a boolean, true to test and false to fire for real
  • getInaccuracy(targetData, launcherCount) -> checks inaccuracy value
  • getStatus() -> gets current status of the launcher. Returns as 'error, blocking, statusKey, statusMessage'
  • preCheckLaunch(targetData) -> checks launch conditions. provides same output as status

Launcher Base​

  • getLockHeight -> gets height the missile will travel before direction change
  • setLockHeight -> allows setting lock height, input integer
  • getFiringDelay -> gets delay in ticks before firing the missile, delay is before warmup sequence of missile
  • setFiringDelay -> sets the delay in ticks to wait to fire when launched

Launcher Cruise​

  • getTarget -> current xyz target position
  • setTarget -> allows supplying xyz position as 3 intergers
  • isAimed -> returns true if launcher has rotated to face target
  • getAimCurrent -> current yaw, pitch, roll of the launcher
  • getAimTarget -> expected aim position, may not always align fully with current