Survie Mod [Hysteresis - Vanilla+ Server] | International Community | Modded | SMP | 1.15.2 |


9 Avril 2020
Warsaw, Poland

Hello here!
Do you want to join an international community playing on a light weight minecraft modpack that respect the vanilla feel of the game? Come with us! ;)

We know the self isolation is leaving you lots of time anyway and that you are tired of your family members/your flatmates/your loneliness already so come and meet new people from all around the world! The server is currently looking for people to create a new yet awesome community to play minecraft and will open tomorrow at 20:00 CEST! Just in time to introduce yourself to the rest of the team.

Join us on Discord right now! :

The server official language is English but some admins are French and can provide help in that language if needs be. Also the server is focused on the community and in that area we believe that Quality is better than Quantity so we will perform a selection. We will not accept people that are less than 18 years old or that we judge won't fit our open minded community, thank you for your comprehension :)

See you on Discord!