Teramia Mod Edition [Open World Rpg]

Dave Bateman

Massacreur de zombies
24 Mai 2015
Teramia est un rpg open world situé sur une groupe d'iles au bord du territoire Imperiale. La map utilise plus de 40 mods et offre un terrain 100% custom diviser en 6 regions avec 80+ missions a completer.

Beta I Download: [October 2019]

-Telecharge et install l dernière version Forge 1.7.10
-Unzip Teramia Beta I
-Ouvre le Dossier Minecraft
-Map Dossier -> Saves
-Mods -> Dossier Minecraft
-Custom Npc's -> Dossier Minecraft

Ressource Packs Recommandé:
Gothic Ressource Pack
Dark Souls Legacy
John Smith Legacy Universal

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Feature Overview: [Traduction en travail]
-Open world rpg with survival elements.
-Terrain 100% Custom
-6 distinct regions/settings
->Desert/Canyon [untitled]
-Added new structures
-Refurbished landscapes, towns and dungeons
-Customized Enemies and Animals
-Different races
->Dark Elb
->Snow Elb
-Npc Dialogues
-Customized shops
-Unlock new shops by completing quests.
-Npc Duels
-Between 30 and 35+ dungeons
-Between 700 and 1000+ Chests to discover.
-80 - 100+ Secrets
-There is no specific mainquest to focus on.
Questlines available in Beta I
->Fighting Guild [Chapter I]
->Assassins Guild [Chapter I]
->Hunting Guild
->Ashuma-Gra Tavern [Chapter I & II]
->Smuggler [Chapter I]
->Bounty Hunter [Chapter I]
->Catacombs [Various]
->Alchemist [Collecting plants etc]
->Vampire Questline
->Finding 30 Hidden Golden Scrolls.
->About 20 - 25 other sidequests.
-About 100 new weapons.
-New brews [Levitation, Swimming, Webs, Ice etc...]
-Spell Charges and scepters
-Added many books to collect.
-Many new crops to collect
-Added huge catacomb system
-Multiple quest endings [work in progress]
-Your reputation can influence dialogues and quests [work in progress]
-World events [work in progress ]
-Marry npcs and make children
-Partially randomized loot [npc's, enemy's]
-Killing certain npc's can result in a bounty on your head
-Headhunter will start hunting you if they are in the area.
-Thief's and other creatures randomly roam.
-Vanilla Minecraft Mobs wont spawn anymore [only if a spawner is in the area]
-Some npc's summon creatures during a fight.
-Mercenaries or npc's you can hire.
-Monster and Slave Shops [Followers]
-Robots and devices to buy or unlock
-Hidden bird nests [collect different eggs]
-Modded sound engine [reverb/distance]

40+ Mods
->Custom Npc
->Carpenters Blocks
->Mo's Creatures
->Balkon Weapon's
->Fossils and Archeology Revival
->MB Battlegear 2
->Plant Mega Pack
->Voxel Map
->Minecraft Comes Alive
->Archimedes Ships
->Biome's O Plenty
->Sound Physics
->Many other mods.