Minecraft vient de nous annoncer la sortie de la version 1.1 de la Pocket Edition. Une tonne de nouveautés !


  • Sortie du Minecraft Marketplace, toutes les informations le concernant sont dans cet article.
  • Les lamas et les shulkers arrivent !
  • Vous pourrez maintenant retrouver dans votre monde les manoirs remplis d’Evokers.
  • Le villageois cartographe et ses cartes aux trésors fait son apparition.
  • Gare aux Illagers ! LVindicator et l’Evoker (accompagné de ses Vexes) viennent peupler les manoirs !
  • Implémentation du béton (Concrete) et de sa version en poudre.
  • Implémentation de la terre cuite vernie (Glazed Terracotta) aux motifs pour le moins originaux.
  • On peut maintenant non seulement sauter sur les lits, mais ils peuvent en plus être de toutes les couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel (les 16 teintures disponibles).

  • Les outils en fer et en or peuvent maintenant être fondus pour donner les pépites correspondantes.
  • Le mode aventure est maintenant disponible !
  • Nouvelles gamerules pour les commandes : DoFireTick, DoMobSpawning, DoTileDrops, MobGriefing, DoEntityDrops, KeepInventory, DoMobLoot, DoDaylightCycle.
  • Nouveaux succès (Achievements).
  • Deux nouveaux enchantements : Raccommodage (Mending) et Semelles givrantes (Frostwalking).
  • Totem d’immortalité.
  • Nouveau slot dans la main gauche qui n’est pour l’instant utilisable que pour les flèches et le totem d’immortalité.


  • Les seeds de génération de monde ne placeront plus nécessairement les structures au même endroit à chaque fois.
  • Le soleil se lève à l’Est et se couche à l’Ouest.
  • La commande /replaceitem supporte maintenant les paramètres CanPlaceNow et CanDestroy.
  • Diminution de la vitesse de l’axe Y en utilisant une manette.
  • Les cartes sont maintenant numérotées.
  • Nouvelles animations lors de l’endormissement.
  • Modification des couleurs pour les laines et les tapis.
  • Les blocs d’argile teints (Stained Clay Blocks) ont été renommés en terre cuite (Terracotta).
  • Le temps d’action du poison des araignées bleues dépend maintenant de la difficulté.
  • Les mondes afficheront maintenant un screenshot de prévisualisation dans le menu.
  • Un bloc de pastèque peut maintenant être décomposé en 9 tranches de pastèque et les toiles d’araignées en 9 ficelles.
  • L’animation de consommation de nourriture peut maintenant être vue à la troisième personne.
  • La commande /locate peut maintenant trouver plus de structures.

Bugs corrigés

Voici la gigantesque liste des bugs corrigés en anglais dans une balise spoiler, il y en a plus de 200, alors accrochez-vous.
[spoiler] Items on the hotbar no longer change content by themselves!
Good news for Elytra fliers – You can now shoot yourself with a bow and arrow (and can splash yourself with potions again, too!)
Fixed a crash when importing certain resource packs
Players can now see particles after other players fall from over three blocks high
Leads no longer float above rabbits’ heads
Fixed special characters on signs being visible through walls
Horses now make sounds when they jump! Neeeeigh!
Fixed pressure plates and other Redstone items staying pressed when the player leaves the chunks
Fixed Redstone that is placed below and beside a piston appear to connect to the piston
Fixed Hoppers not pulling items from above if all slots were occupied
The host and other players no longer get disconnected from the game session when the host minimizes the game (iOS only)
Finally fixed the bug with MCPE not starting on some Android devices (Thank you, Tomas A!)
Items shot from droppers and dispensers can now be picked up quickly
Players can no longer place top slabs under them while standing on a bottom slab, preventing falling
Fixed lava flowing too far in the Nether
Shulkers will teleport away when placed on top of a piston
Shulkers will no longer drop experience orbs after being killed using the /kill command
Fixed Shulkers that are spawned with a dispenser under a top slab
Mobs can now see players through non-solid blocks. No more hiding from Creepers in sugar cane!
Fixed some shading/shadow issues with some Android devices (Xoom/Tegra2, we’re looking at you!)
Fixed mob spawning so it is now modified by the number of players in the game and where they are located in proximity to other players
Fixed some issues with hit detections against entities
You can now use whisper-like commands (/tell, /w, /message) on dead players
Maps can again be zoomed out in the crafting table
Green arrows no longer appear on all framed maps
Green arrows are no longer left on the map after it is removed from an item frame
Splash/lingering potions can now go into brewing stands from a hopper
Creepers no longer sometimes get stuck inflating when a player hits it & then moves back
The End Rod will now be greyed out in the Pocket UI crafting table if the player is lacking the necessary ingredients
/stopsound & /playsound now name all players affected by those commands
Fixed an issue when attempting to activate “Wheel Turning” in VR options (VR only)
Pressing the tab key now finishes the typed command properly (Rift only)
Renamed blocks/containers now have their names changed in menus/inventory
Fixed some crashes when importing Add-ons
Smite enchantment now affects all undead mobs
Mobs that are lifted up by Shulker projectiles will now be shown lifting up properly
Breaking a Shulker projectile will now show the effect
Starting a sign message with §§ will no longer make the text invisible
Elytra will now lose durability in Survival multiplayer games
Mooshrooms will now respawn on mushroom islands
Experience orbs no longer splash when they fall in water
Having one spawn egg in Peaceful Creative mode will no longer consume the egg
Crops will no longer yield a fixed amount after harvesting
Click [MMB] on a flower pot containing a flower will now select the flower
Adjusted the color of several blocks on maps
Maps created in the Nether will now show red and gray patterns, not just gray
Shulkers will no longer immediately attack when a player leaves cover
Trees and giant mushrooms will no longer be missing blocks when spawned on the edge of a chunk
The Wither will now play sound during its spawning animation
/clear command now removes equipped armor
No more “crazy mouse” – sensitivity should be correct now
Ender Dragon’s ender charge attack now has correct sound
Cracking animation & particles now display correctly in multiplayer
Fixed a start-up crash on some Android devices
Player markers on a map no longer turn black and are left on the map after another player disconnects
You no longer lose all your text to the right if you move your text cursor to the middle of the text box and press enter
Covering a roof of a spawn chamber with half-slabs no longer severely reduces the mob spawn rate
Items can again be pushed under an upper half-slab
Virtual keyboard is now available in single player (Gear VR only)
Fixed a crash when feeding adult animals to breed them with only one food item in a stack
Feeding a tamed wolf will now restore the correct amount of health, depending on the type of meat used
Dates of save games are now the proper format of “day/month/year” for Dutch language settings
Polar bears no longer deal damage on Peaceful
Donkeys and mules can no longer be tempted with food until they are tamed
Lava buckets that are in a furnace’s fuel slot will no longer turn into a water bucket when a wet sponge has finished drying
Players no longer suffocate when the DrowingDamage gamerule is disabled
Various mobs inside monster spawners will no longer be huge
Fixed texture issues on anvils
Fixed a graphical glitch when sand is falling
FoV will now increase while sprinting and flying when FoV is set to max setting
Fixed large oak trees spawning with birch wood
Iron Golems will no longer attack a player after they are killed by the Iron Golem
Particles now appear behind arrows when seeing another player shoot arrows
Shearing a Mooshroom that is attached to a lead will no longer remove the lead
Chicken jockeys will now walk with the speed of a baby zombie
Mobs spinning in a monster spawner will no longer stutter
Blazes will now stop burning after they stop targeting a player
Blazes now perform melee attacks with the right damage
Skeleton horses and zombie horses now drop the proper amount of bones or rotten flesh
The panoramic image view for mash-up packs in the store can now be scrolled using a controller
Farmland and crops are now destroyed when players jump on them
Fixed the vignette at the edges of the screen in The End
Items thrown by players no longer carry the player’s momentum
Conditional/Unconditional setting for Command Blocks will now copy when using [Ctrl] + [MMB] Fixed textures on the bottom of lead knots
Fixed the height view distance when Beautiful Skies is enabled
High-jumping horses will no longer take damage when they jump and land from the same height
Mobs can no longer spawn on top of slabs
Fixed a crash when interacting with skulls
Mobs from the overworld will no longer spawn in The End
Fixed falling blocks breaking and duplicating when falling onto pistons
Armor Items are now equipped to mobs when dispensed
Several Redstone components like buttons and levers can be now placed on top of fences and walls
Color gradients of grass blocks no longer appear as large-square patterns
Rails can no longer be duplicated using sticky pistons
Fixed resource packs failing to import if there are colors in the name of the pack
Fixed sounds with a variety of items
Rain will no longer fill cauldrons with the last potion it was filled with
Boats can now be broken when occupied by a horse
Skulls will no longer be invisible when spawned with the /fill command
Using the ‘/time query’ command now returns more descriptive messages
Fixed the consistency of death messages for all players when falling into the void
The progress of brewing stands will now copy when using [Ctrl] + [MMB] Enchanted golden apples are now called “Enchanted Apples”
Executing an unfinished command now updates the chat with ‘invalid command syntax’ message
Items can now be enchanted with the Unbreaking effect using the ‘/enchant’ command
An error message now appears when using the ‘/replaceitem’ command with non-existent slot number or exceeds an item stack’s boundaries
Only the appropriate armor can be placed in each armor slot using the ‘/replaceitem’ command
Horses can no longer be equipped with any item in the saddle slot by using the ‘/replaceitem’ command
The correct error message is now shown for import failures of a non-ZIP Add-On files
Sugar cane can once again be planted on podzol blocks
The elder guardian’s special attack to inflict mining fatigue will now play sound
Baby Zombies, Baby Zombie Villagers, Baby Zombie Pigmen and Endermites will now attack players standing in fence corners
Fixed Zombie villager transformation rate depending on difficulty
Saplings that grow into trees will no longer replace other blocks with leaves
The Wither’s shield will now block all projectiles
Fixed recipes containing charcoal that could not be selected in the Pocket UI when using a controller and coal was also in the player’s inventory
When using the ‘/replaceitem’ command, all chat messages after the command is executed will display the proper item name
Ice and packed ice are now properly destroyed in Creative mode
Beacon beams now appear through clouds
Mobs will no longer get stuck and spin around on top of chests
Using the ‘/give’ command with a damage value will now give the item the right durability
The error message for too much power used in the ‘/effect’ command now shows the amount of power, not time
Fixed items received from the “/replaceitem” command, when executed after ‘/clear’, not being visible until the inventory was opened
The jump button will no longer disappear from the touch pad when pressing Fly Up and Fly Down buttons
Fixed the throwing rate of snowballs to be consistent with the host of a game session
Command blocks will now show all lines in the Previous Output field
Fixed players having no sound when joining an Xbox Live game
Villagers really no longer walk away while trading and also fixed the trading screen closing
Mobs can again walk on beds & brewing stands without spinning around or getting stuck
Fixed a crash that happened when loading older worlds
Villagers can now pick up more than a single stack of an item
Players can mine/destroy paintings again
Mooshroom files in the vanilla behavior pack are now named consistently & uses the correct loot table file when not sheared
Fixed a crash that happened when a player tried to rejoin a Realm or world after previously cancelling joining the Realm/world
The owner of a Realm can now join their own Realm even if it is already full and there are other players trying to join it
Double trapped chests are again being highlighted when aimed at with the cursor regardless of which half the cursor rests
Bottles in brewing stands no longer become invisible after opening & closing the stand UI
Players no longer spawn on the bedrock roof of the Nether
If you’re flying and disconnect from a world/Realm, when you rejoin you will still be flying now
All multi-colored blocks are now placed in the order of the color palette in the Creative inventory
Players are no longer asked to download a behavior pack when joining a game with one enabled
Health & hunger bar textures fixed – no longer bugged when using a texture/resource pack
Fixed damage from multiple sources (so players no longer get contradictory screens)
You can again move the scroll bar properly when an item in the Storage manager is expanded
Add-ons are now flagged both at a child & parent level when a dependency chain is broken
Witches are no longer immune to poison damage
If a player still has the invisibility status effect, they no longer become visible if they leave and then re-enter a game/Realm
The Nether portal overlay no longer appears briefly when using the clear effect command after the nausea effect
Mobs again drop cooked food if killed by an arrow from a bow with the Flame enchantment
Arrows of Healing deal additional damage to undead mobs and no longer bounce
Storage manager confirmation pop-up now scrolls when localized text is longer than the box
Fixed a memory leak issue when loading into a world with Add-ons (iOS only)
Players no longer receive fall damage when jumping on slime blocks attached to pistons that are extending & retracting
The hideParticles argument in the /effect command now hides/shows particles correctly
Switching a player’s gamemode now informs the player that they have had their gamemode switched
Loading an End City and then reducing the render distance setting no longer causes Shulkers to despawn
Smoke particles that appear after a player’s death are now the correct animation length
Text in buttons in the Realms update screen should now be properly aligned
Exiting the crafting grid will not drop items on the ground unless the inventory is full
Mobs no longer get stuck in corners of fences
All mobs should now be affected by the speed effect
“Diamonds to You!” achievement again unlocks in multiplayer
Anvils no longer drop as items when they fall on torches – and they stack now, too
Cave spider spawners now generate more often in abandoned mineshafts
Fixed a crash that occurred when chests & cauldrons collided with each other
Particles traveling from bookshelves to enchantment tables will now travel over blocks
The ‘Boost’ button is now visible when riding a Pig with Carrot on a Stick in hand (Pocket Edition only)
Redstone torches now have sound when burning out
Lava will no longer flow towards drops it cannot reach
Once again have fixed mobs going out of fences when reloading a world
Ender crystal explosion is now data driven for added world security
Copying a block now places the copied block in the empty item slot when holding an item in hand and having an empty slot in the hotbar
Download of Redstone Mansion now updates the action button properly
Panoramas now load properly
All players can now ride mounts when it is on a lead, not just the owners
/locate village command now returns coordinates of the nearest village
All Resource packs should now be displayed in the Global Resource list, both in the settings menu & create world menu
Players are again able to push mobs into minecarts & boats
Blazes should no longer be able to one-hit kill players with a small fireball (We hope this fixed it!)
/fill command changes should now be saved
The provoke range of Endermen is no longer too short
Endermites no longer occasionally spin around for a few seconds when not chasing a target
It no longer takes an unreasonable amount of time to break cobblestone walls
Different slab types no longer override each other
Snowballs and eggs now generate particles when they break
Ender pearls now show the correct particles when breaking
Dead bushes again catch fire & disappear
“This bed is occupied” message now only appears for the player trying to get in the occupied bed, not the player currently using it
Villagers no longer prioritize harvesting crops over sharing food with hungry villagers
Zombie & skeleton horses no longer die unexpectedly
Tipped Arrow of Decay now has the correct texture
Blaze rods are now shown correctly when held in 3rd person view
Removed the extra white pixel in the Peony thumbnail
Elytra has sounds again!
Using bone meal on a fully grown crop doesn’t consume the bone meal anymore
Reduced the size of the hitbox on arrows
Villagers now use the correct recipe to craft bread and consume wheat
Horse, mules, and donkeys now take damage from cacti while mounted
Shulkers now get damaged by & teleport away/out of fire & lava
Items are now properly held in players’ hands when using non-standard skins

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